2U Short Depth Storage Server

6Gb/s SATA or Mini-SAS, 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD backplane supported     
.External 2.5"/3.5" x 8 hot-swap HDD trays with lock supported    
.Internal 2.5" HDD x 2, 3.5" HDD x 1 (optional)
.Easy-swap 80 x 25mm PWM fans with anti-vibration mechanism    
.Single or redundant 80 plus gold level high-efficiency power supply    

Industry Standard EIA-RS310D
M/B Form Factor ATX (12" x 9.6"), CEB (12" x 10.5")
Drive Bay • External: hot-swap 2.5"/3.5" x 8, slim ODD x 1
• Internal: 2.5" HDD x 2, 3.5" HDD x 1 (optional)
Power Supply Supports:
• Form factor: Single, 2U Redundant, CRPS
• Watt: Single 500W, Redundant 500W, CRPS 550W
Indicator Power status, HDD, LANs, system fail activity LEDs
Front Control Panel Power switch, ID switch, system reset, NMI, USB 3.0 x 2
Chassis Security Intrusion switch (optional)
Backplane Type-1 • Host: 6Gb/s SATA x 8
Backplane Type-2 • Host: 6Gb/s Mini-SAS (SFF-8087) x 1
Backplane Type-3 • Host: 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8643) x 2
Cooling Fan Supports 80 x 25mm PWM easy-swap fan x 3
Expansion Slot Low profile PCI slot x 7
Material • Material: SGCC
• Thickness: 1.0mm
Rail Kit Supports 28" tool-less & ball-bearing slide rails
Product Dimensions (DxWxH; Chassis Only) 572.7 x 444.2 x 87mm
(22.55" x 17.49" x 3.43")
Package Dimensions (DxWxH) 823 x 590 x 187mm
Weight (Chassis Only) • Net weight: 9.84kg
• Gross weight: 12.77kg
Cubic Feet 3.21
Container Information Single packing with pallets:
• 20': 200pcs
• 40': 460pcs
• 40' HQ: 506pcs

6Gb/s Backplane Specifications

Backplane-1 SATA Backplane
Dimensions (W x H) 382.5 x 48.9mm
Backplane Type Passive
Host Interface SATA x 8
HDD Interface SAS/SATA x 8

6Gb/s Backplane Specifications

Backplane-2 Mini-SAS Backplane
Dimension (W x H) 382.5 x 21mm
Backplane Type Passive
Host Interface Mini-SAS (SFF-8087) x 1
HDD Interface SAS/SATA x 4

12Gb/s Backplane Specifications

Backplane-3 Mini-SAS HD Backplane
Dimension (W x H) 382.5 x 48.9mm
Backplane Type Passive
Host Interface Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8643) x 2
HDD Interface SAS/SATA x 8
* The actual product is subject to change without prior notice. In Win Development Inc. reserves the right to make any final modifications.
* The above image is for reference only. All hardware components and optional parts are not included.

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IW-RS208-02SN eDM
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IW-RS208-02SN Passive Backplane User Manual
Item Part Number Description Support Picture
Slide Rail 3RAMIS129500 28" tool-less & ball-bearing slide rails (weight capacity 35kg) 1
Cable 3RAMW4024400 SATA 7-pin to SATA 7-pin, 500mm 1
Cable 3RAMW4024300 Mini SAS cable SFF-8087 to SFF-8087, length 800mm 1
Cable 3RAMW4022100 4 x SATA to Mini SAS cable SFF-8087, length 1000mm 1
Cable 3RAMW4031700 Mini SAS 12G SFF-8643 to SFF-8643 cable, length 800mm 1
Power Supply 3RAMAP025400 1U Single 500W, 80 Plus Gold 1
Power Supply 3RAMAP019900 2U 1+1 Redundant 500W, 80 Plus Silver 1
Power Supply 2RAKAP002000 CRPS 550W, 80 Plus Platinum 1
Backplane 3RAMVI002702 6Gb/s SATA backplane 1
Backplane 2RAKVI008700 6Gb/s Mini-SAS Backplane 2
Backplane 2RBTVI000301 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD Backplane 1
Fan 3RAMFB013700 80 x 25mm, PWM, 4500RPM 1
Fan 3RAMFB007400 80 x 38mm, PWM, 5500RPM 1
Others 3RAMRW011300 Intrusion switch / 800mm 1
Others 2RAKIP009301 Mesh front panel 1
Others 2RAKIP005001 Iron front panel with silver coating 1